Breaking free from legacy test automation


The customer is market leader in clinical data exchange and pioneer in solutions for health information exchange, business intelligence and patient engagement. The customer supports a network of more than 1,000 hospitals, 250,000 end-users, and 20 regional and statewide Health Information Exchanges


Customer has suite of solution in the space of health information exchange, clinical data handling, and real-time notifications for providers and care managers. Technologically these products vary from being on Java stack to .NET stack and some being just api exposed to be consumed and integrated with third party services. Customer was adopting agile and wanted to adopt a test strategy that suits the fast paced development at the same time help them build faster feedback cycles.


  1. Devise a test strategy for a health care system built on varied technology stacks.
  2. Shift from enterprise testing tool to open source testing tool to provide faster feedback.
  3. Agile testing, coaching and on boarding.
  4. Cut down dependency on geographically distributed manual testing team and foster team confidence in in-house automation.


  1. Built test automation solution closer to the application architecture with focus on testing components than just UI.
  2. Built system health indicator by integrating test management system with automated tests.
  3. Coached QA team on agile testing practices and customizing processes to suite the team needs

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