Cross platform test automation


Fastest growing cab aggregator of United Kingdom, creating disruptions in the world of Cab Services.


A Multi Device System capable of over thousand bookings a day. With Product Managers aiming for a faster release, an overhaul in the product lifecycle was the need of the hour with QA being the flag bearer. Provide maximum functional coverage across all browsers, devices on IOS and Android Platforms and a complete test coverage of microservices underneath.


  • Building a platform for providing coverage for all browsers on Desktop and Mobile, Mobile Applications on IOS and Android platforms
  • Identify layout changes on different browsers and screen sizes.
  • Automate and manage huge number of use cases of complex gigantic domain
  • Weekly release with multiple features and bug fixes.


  • Built an automation ecosystem covering all features for browsers and Application on Desktop and Mobile.
  • Built a unique automation platform to perform Visual Testing to identify layout changes and provided comprehensible reports to identify the changes.
  • Built a mechanism to provide a feedback for around ~100 UI scenarios running concurrently on Desktop browser and Mobile view with execution time of around 50 minutes for every release.
  • Comprehensive and robust test automation ecosystem with more than 200 tests certifying the microservices, their contract, behavior and interactions.

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