Testing one of the largest B2C mobile application


The customer is Indonesia’s largest B2C startup, and is currently the fastest growing startup in South and South East Asia, growing 900X in the 18 months since launch.


The system in context here is a mobile app catered to both Android and iOS users. With growing user base and fierce competition with rivals like Uber, customer wanted to catch up with business and technology by releasing a stable and great quality app frequently. Customer has around 250,000 drivers across the nation and serves roughly 140,000 orders daily. The app has been downloaded more than 25 million times. So the customer was looking for an app that is highly stable, bug free and tested on various devices combination.


  • Build a mobile testing strategy for a transportation app with massive user base.
  • Solve the inter-app and cross platform test automation, which forms the core business flow of a transportation app.
  • Use automation framework as a bridge for distributed agile team
  • To Go live every 2 weeks – Continuous Testing & Delivery


  • Next generation test automation solution with 50+ end-to-end inter-app tests certifying the product on various devices and OS version.
  • Mechanism to write test once and execution on any connected devices seamlessly either on developer’s machine or CI system.
  • Coached product development team on how to write test in Cucumber (BDD) using Appium. Inculcated the mindset of “behavior first” thinking.

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