Re-Architecturing monolithic retail application into microservice architecture


The customer is the one of the largest leading retail giant in the united states.


The system was a large monolithic application, developed on WebSphere Ecommerce platform. It had to be replaced as it was not scaling to the huge volumes of transactions especially during the year end sales. The application was broken down into functional components and enable using microservices architecture style – forming ecosystem of decomposed services. The primary objectives being modular development, scalability and performance.


  • Providing confidence to leadership who are non-believers of test automation, as multiple previous attempts had failed with huge costs.
  • Aligning the test strategy to suite Micro-services architecture and test all the business/functional pieces purely via services
  • Automate and manage huge number of use cases of complex gigantic domain
  • To Go live every week – Continuous delivery


  • Comprehensive and robust test automation ecosystem with more than 2000 tests certifying the microservices, their contract, behavior and interactions.
  • Mechanism to execute these tests in multiple environments with execution time less than 30 minutes
  • Coached testing team for shift in mindset from UI based functional testing to services. Inculcated the culture of “services first” thinking.
  • 80%Reduction in Testing Cycle
  • 70%Reduction in Defect Rate
  • 3XFaster Releases

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